Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting to the Target Center

Getting to the Target Center can be a pain some times. There always seems to be a ton of traffic in that neck of the woods. I see on the Target Center main page they have an ad for the Hiawatha light rail. I often forget about taking the light rail to the Target Center (I have taken it a dozen times to the Metrodome). The light rail stops just a block from the Target Center so it makes it a short walk to get where you are going. Frankly, I usually walk at least a block when I drive my car and park anyway. The only downside to the light rail is worrying about the weather and it’s that time of year when we have to start thinking about cold and snow (well, maybe not snow yet) One of my favorite things about parking in the Target Center ramp (or the A ramp as they call it – see the diagram below) is the skyway system, but one of my least is sitting in traffic for 45 minutes just to exit the ramp. Any thoughts Target Center fans?

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Cortney said...

I don't know which ramp it is, but I always park in the one behind the Target Center off of 7th. Even if I'm just going downtown. Makes it so much easier to remember where your car is when you're always parked in the same spot!