Monday, May 7, 2012

Eric Church Target Center Tickets

I know I have mentioned various artists in the past and I can see where some of those posts may have led you to believe that they are my favorite country artist. I am here to clear that confusion.

Undoubtedly, Eric Church is my favorite country artist. I love every single one of his songs, plus he is completely attractive. He has that sexy, savvy air about him that I just can't resist. Plus the ruggedly good looks that stems from his dark hair.

On a less creepy note, here are my top ten favorite Eric Church songs:

10. Love Your Love the Most
9. Over When its Over
8. Guys Like Me
7. Homeboy
6. Smoke a Little Smoke
5. Sinners Like Me
4. Hell on the Heart
3. Drink in My Hand
2. Carolina
1. Springsteen

Ugh... that was hard and I still feel slightly unsettled about the results. I really love all of his songs. I should have just said my favorite song is Springsteen, because after that it gets really blurry.

Anyway, don't forget Eric Church will be at the Target Center on May 17th! Treat yourself to something after finals or just cheers to spring!


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