Friday, November 20, 2009

Target Center Concert Schedule slow this winter...

The Recession has hit everyone hard this holiday center, including the Target Center. The Target Center Concert Schedule this season is VERY slow compared to other years, especially the past few. Typically the holiday season and early new year season brings in great concerts to the the Twin Cities, this year the music scene in Minneapolis is looking very thin.

The Target Center does have some of the best of the few shows coming to the Twin Cities this winter. Target Center Tickets make great holiday gifts, but don't miss your chance to get them. With fewer concerts to chose from, there will be a much higher demand for the shows that are coming. Get Great Concert Tickets online now before the Target Center Concerts are all sold out!


Kristy said...

It seems to me the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul is getting all the major concert announcements for the Twin Cities. The Target Center better get more aggressive at bidding for acts.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Target Center may be changing it's name - have you heard anything?

I heard that when the naming rights contract is up that Target won't be renewing since it has Target Field.