Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Target Center Walking With Dinosaurs

If you didn’t get a chance to see Walking With Dinosaurs last year at the Xcel Energy Center (read my Xcel Energy Center Walking With Dinos blog post about it) then you are in luck because it is coming to the Target Center! Walking With Dinosaurs will be in Minneapolis from May 14 - May 17 with various show times.

The Walking With Dinosaurs show features fifteen roaring “live” dinosaurs that walk the stage in life-like fashion. Walking with Dinosaurs is appropriate for young and old fans that want to watch the Dinosaurs journey from birth to extinction. My favorite was the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. It was huge and the skin looked real, you could see it breathe and a sparkle in the eyes. Buy some Walking With Dinosaurs tickets today and see the action for yourself. Here is a Target Center Tickets link.

Walking With Dinosaurs

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