Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tom Petty comes to Target Center July 23rd

So, I’m pretty stoked that Tom Petty is coming to town (Heartbreakers will be in tow). I mean, Tom Petty is always cool, but add the fact that they’ve been together for the last 30 years and it makes it that much more of an event that I really want to be at. Who knows when they’ll tour again, you know? I’ve heard he does a great job at singing all those songs that everyone wants to hear. Songs like "Mary Jane’s Last Dance," "American Girl," "Free Fallin’," the list goes on and on. He does encores and he’s a rock star, without that ‘I’m-a-rock-star’ attitude; the kind of guy who would have a beer with you.

For such a great guy, he’s pulling a power move that I don’t care for. Apparently, the first twenty rows of the Target Center floor seats are considered ‘Fan Club’ seats and are only available to those people who are in his fan club. So, not only do you have to pay $40 per year to even be in the club, but the tickets you’ve purchased are will-call only, meaning you pay for them in advance and the night of the show, you are verified by your ID and then escorted to your seat, making it literally impossible for anyone else to enjoy that seat.

Personally, I would pay good money to be no more than 20 rows away from the legend, himself. But these entertainment promoters have us in a headlock; either pay $40 and maybe get a chance at your dream Tom Petty ticket, or sit further away. I think it’s another marketing scheme. I mean, I already buy the man’s albums and I would definitely plan on buying some merchandise at the concert (I love my band t-shirts). I think it’s just a scheme to get more money. I would rather pay that money to know that I’m getting the seats I really want.

Tom Petty post thanks to my friend Mary!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Target Center Schedule

The Target Center is always announcing new concert events and one place you can go to find out the Target Center Schedule even before tickets go on sale is a local ticket broker web site. This Target Center Schedule by Ticket King often includes events that haven’t been officially announced to the public yet. It’s like an “insiders” schedule. They put the events on their site as soon as they hear any rumbling about it so they can get the event in front of their customers and web search engines as soon as possible.

For example, if you want to see Journey or Cheap Trick at the Target Center in September, you can fill out a Journey Cheap Trick ticket request and when there are tickets available you will get a call or an email – you wouldn’t even know that Cheap Trick or Journey was coming in September from the Target Center web site or Ticketmaster! at least not this far in advance.

Target Center tip: Keep an eye on the Ticket King web site for insider knowledge of upcoming Twin Cities events!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nine Inch Nails at the Target Center

Nine Inch Nails will be back for a show August 2nd, 2008 at the Target Center (that's only one day before they play at Lollapalooza!) My friend told me that the only way to get premium Nine Inch Nails tickets is to become a member of the Spiral Fanclub and order through Music Today. While this saves on some service fees the whole thing sounds like a hassle to me. You have to order them as 'will call only' and as if that isn't enough your name will be printed on the Nine Inch Nails ticket. Also, there was a ticket limit of 2 (which really bummed me out because I needed 4) and when you go to pick up your Nine Inch Nails ticket it is scanned immediately and you cannot go back outside. While I understand that Trent Reznor is trying to protect his fans, but this just seems like such a hassle, no?
It seems with age Trent gets a little more crazier about these things as he gets older - he even prefers to release his albums via his website rather than having to deal with distribution and record labels.

Regardless, I am still a fan and really excited to see one of my favorite bands at the end of the summer!!!

Nine Inch Nails tickets go on sale this Saturday, May 10th. Buy your Nine Inch Nails Target Center tickets fast because they always sell out!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Celine Dion Target Center

Need a last minute Mothers Day gift idea? Buy her Celine Dion Target Center Tickets! The show is October 30th so there will be plenty of time for you and mom to clear your schedules and make an outing of it. Celine’s concert promises to be a “visual feast of color, fashion, dance and surprise!” She will perform her biggest hits as well as songs from her new Taking Chances album at the Target Center Minneapolis, no need to go to Vegas! This is certain to be the biggest show of the year. Be the favorite child this Mothers Day and surprise Mom with a Celine Dion ticket. You can even pick the tickets up locally so you can have something tangible to put in her card.