Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne Tonight!

Happy Halloween Target Center fans! Need something scary to do tonight? Head on down to the Target Center and see Ozzy Osborne and Rob Zombie perform live. The duo should put on quite a show for hard rock fans. The Minneapolis concert stop is unique because of the added Halloween hype surrounding the show. Target Center doors open at 6:30pm with the show scheduled to start at 7:30pm. The concert is sponsored by 93X and has been dubbed the 93X Halloween Ball.

In fact, 93X will be holding a Pre-Party Halloween Costume Contest at NBA City Restaurant from 5:30 - 7:30. Contestants will be judged by Sharon Osbourne herself. 6 finalists will get to meet Sharon backstage before the show. Sharon will narrow it down to 2 or 3 finalists and bring them on stage. The winner will be determined based on the crowds loudest response. The winner will receive a framed & autographed Ozzy Osbourne bandanna! This Target Center fan is curious how many people will actually be dressed in costume tonight at Target Center and how will you be able to tell who is in costume and who is wearing their every day clothes.

Waited until the last minute to buy tickets? That’s OK, Ticket King still has main floor seats for $60 / each. That is cheap! Enjoy the show and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2007

8,000 Timberwolves Fans

The official announced crowd for the Minnesota Timberwolves pre-season opener versus the Indiana Pacers last Wednesday was around 8,000. However, my buddy that went to the game because his boss gave him a pair of tickets said that there was no way that there were actually 8,000 "butts in the seats" at the Target Center. He estimated the crowd to be closer to 5,000 and was fired up that he was able to move down to the VIP seats midway through the first quarter.

Since I am a Timberwolves fan, I look at this year as a great opportunity to catch some Timberwolves games from up close without having to pay big bucks. I am confident that except for a couple of the marquee games at the Target Center, I will be able to buy excellent Timberwolves Tickets for face value or less. That is good news for me but bad news for Timberwolves Season Ticket Holders or any Minnesota Ticket Broker.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Target Center Box Office is a Joke

A friend of my wife's bought Hannah Montana Tickets from Ticketmaster last week and the only delivery option was for the tickets to be picked up the night of the show at the Target Center Box Office. On the surface, that seems relatively convenient. However, My wife's friend learned tonight that she couldn't pick them up until after 5:00. She showed up at the Target Center at 5:00 and had to wait in line for 1 1/2 hours just to pick up her tickets. What was the point of not letting people pick up the tickets, that they had purchased, until after 5:00? I wasn't surprised to hear this story, the Target center Box Office seems to forget that customer service is part of their job. This would have never happened at the Xcel Energy Center.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Everybody seems to be overpaying for Hannah Montana Tickets and Inside Edition would love to speak with parents who overpaid the most. If you bought your tickets from a scalper, auction, or ticket-broker that charged you over $1,000 per ticket, please contact Alicyn. She will be happy to set up an interview for you with the IE crew at Sunday’s show.

You can reach her by email:

Please include the price you paid, how many tickets you bought, the age(s) of your child(ren) and a phone number where you can be reached.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hannah Montana this Sunday at Target Center

One of my friends offered to write a blog entry for me regarding the upcoming Hannah Montana Concert – here is what she had to say (and in many places she is just being too nice, you should hear her TALK about this – she is very opinionated on the priorities of parents and our local media). Thanks for the article K!
-Twin Cities Ticket Guy

The Target Center will finally host Hannah Montana this Sunday October 21st. The concert has received plenty of media attention since it went on sale the first week of September. This is the first Target Center show that I can remember that has received so much hype for such an extended period of time. Yes, Hannah Montana is a Disney superstar, but seriously should she receive more media than other important world issues? I am sure the Target Center , TicketMaster and Hannah are laughing all the way to the bank.

The whole Hannah Montana controversy started because there were upset tweens and parents that, despite their best efforts, didn’t get tickets to the show. The Hannah ticket “crisis” created quite a stir in the community. Local ticket brokers have tickets on the Internet for above face value and so does TicketMaster through their auctions and ticket exchange, but local Hannah Montana fiends didn’t want to pay their prices so they appealed to the media and legislature for support and they got it. Every local news station and newspaper has run at least 3 Hannah Montana stories – do the math (4 TV stations, 2 Papers – 18 stories) That’s almost a story a day on a 14 year old singer that is stopping by the Target Center to sing for an hour. I am sure the Target Center loves all the attention and is doing it’s best to keep the story in the spotlight. In fact, the Target Center even released extra tickets last weekend to fans who could come downtown on Saturday to their box office.

It just amazes me that people care so much about the cost of a concert – if you don’t like the prices, don’t go. I won’t pay $85 for a Hollister sweatshirt because I think that is too expensive (and it will last longer than a 4 hour concert), but I am not calling the media and my local representative to look into why Hollister charges so much for a cotton garment. Parents need to get a grip on their priorities and use this show to teach their kids about supply and demand and disappointment. Are we raising a generation of children that get whatever they want? Or is that their parents get whatever they want? This show makes me worry about peoples’ expectations of what they are “entitled” to in this world. I think parents should be more concerned about the increase in grocery prices to feed their children than the increase in ticket prices to entertain them – where have our priorities gone?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Target Center Brings Sugarland

The Target Center has been pretty quiet the last few weeks with the Timberwolves in Europe for Timberwolves Training Camp. I guess I didn’t realize how much daily traffic the Wolves brought into the Target Center even on the off-season. I know a certain amount of players have been practicing at Target Center almost every day and there is always a media person or two snooping around, but with the Wolves gone the last week it has been QUIET!

The next event to really bring some activity to this side of Minneapolis will be the Sugarland Concert on Saturday October 13th. Don’t miss Jennifer Nettles belt out her ballads and dance around to the peppier melodies – there are still good tickets left from local brokers. Sugarland Tickets. Otherwise, Ticketmaster has a few upper deck seats left as well. Remember this is a half arena set-up so best reserved sections are 111 and 131. ENJOY THE SHOW!