Thursday, December 17, 2009

WWE Wrestling comes to the Target Center, WWE Tickets make great holiday gifts!

WWE Promotional Poaster
Looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, brother, roommate, dad, sister, ANYONE?? May I suggest the WWE Performance at the Target Center on January 11. WWE Monday Night Raw will be at the Minneapolis Target Center for one night only... and it should not be missed. Not a wrestling fan? Doesn't matter! The WWE Raw Show will be high energy, fast paced and the perfect place to people watch.

WWE Raw fans are some of the craziest sports fans on the planet, and it makes sense when you think about the fact that their sport of choice involves slamming somebody into a mat as hard as they can.

Don't miss the opportunity to give WWE Tickets as a Holiday Gift this year, it really will be a night to remember!

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B said...

I know what my older brother is getting for Christmas!