Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minnesota Timberwolves announce big changes and a new head coach

Timberwolves Player #33 taking a Jump Shot
Earlier this week the Minnesota Timberwolves announced the Kurt Rambis will be the new head coach for the team. Coach Rambis wasted no time making it clear that he was in sync with David Kahn and that Timberwolves fans should expect to see big changes this season. The Timberwolves roster was shaken up and stripped down almost to nothing. New players are being brought in, with the hopes that the MN Timberwolves will return to their Kevin Garnett glory days... when Twin Cities basketball fans were eager and excited to go to games. Even if the playing itself doesn't pull people into the Target Center, potential newcomer Ricky Rubio sure will. The 18 year old Spanish Heart-Throb is exactly the "star" player that the Timberwolves need to generate excitement and increase ticket sales.

While I wouldn't go as far as saying that the Timberwolves will sell out the Target Center, I do think there will be more demand for T-Wolves tickets this season than there has been in recent years and if you don't want to be left out of the newest Twin Cities sports trend I would suggest scooping up tickets now.


Twin Cities sports fan said...

It seems like this summer the Timberwolves exploded out of no where, last season they were the "hometown" team that no one liked but now it seems like everyone is busting out their blue and green.

Target Center said...

I think that people like the idea of an overhaul and if the Timberwolves are getting one people want to see the unveiling of the new and improved...