Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Target Center Return

The nightmare continues. Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana is returning to the Target Center Minneapolis on October 29th at 7pm.

Every one remembers the drama associated with her October 2007 Target Center tour stop and the hysteria of Twin Cities mothers who were unable to secure tickets to the show. The blame was placed on ticket resellers and Miley is fighting back with a new “paperless ticket” show. So, if you are planning on buying Hannah Montana tickets for your kids or grandkids or for anyone other than yourself, you will have to show up at the Target Center with your photo ID and credit card in hand in order to get your party into the arena.

What a mess! The Hannah Target Center show isn’t until October – imagine all the lost or changed credit cards by then PLUS you will have to pay to park (figure that into your ticket cost) and all the time you will spend trying to get into the arena – the lines are going to be enormous! There are only two entrances into the Target Center. I have had to deal with long lines when people have the paper tickets in hand, imagine the lines for this ‘paperless’ show!

I am also upset by how restrictive this process is. What if I get sick and can’t go to the show – am I out the money and tickets? Also, I think I should be able to buy tickets and sell them on ebay or craigslist if I so choose. I wonder how ticketmaster is feeling about not being able to make money off their own scalping system, the ticket exchange? This will be an interesting ticket experiment at the Target Center and I am sure all eyes will be watching.

I personally don’t think Hannah Montana is as big as she was in 2007 so I don’t think the hype will be as big regardless of the ticketing system.

More to come on this concert. Stay Tuned.


Brianna from Lakeville said...

I love Miley Cyrus! I was so lucky last time she came i got amazing seats!!! I hope to go again.

Miley Sucks said...

I think this is out of control! A pampered pop-princess thinks that she can just decide she doesn't want resell and eveyone just has to go along with it? First of all, she isn't that great so I don't think she will even get close to selling out again and Secondly, I don't feel that an artist should be able to eliminate ticket-exchanging like that.
She is such a joke!

Cortney said...

She's hardly sold any tickets. And this is the worst ticketing move that TM has ever made. Boo to them!

Anonymous said...

Well, you couldn't have been more wrong. There were absolutely no lines at all to enter the arena and the event pulled in over 16,000 people. Guess she is more popular than you thought. Sorry you couldn't scalp tickets for this will have more chances in the future though I'm sure.